24-hour center brings fitness to Calumet Park

Today’s Fitness is a 24-hour fitness center opening in the fall of 2017 that is the first of its kind in Calumet Park. Our center focuses on smart total body health through body weight training, high intensity interval training, Crossfit, and yoga.

Body weight training

Body weight training is popular because it can be done from the comfort of your own home. However, Today’s fitness offers classes to train individuals on proper form and positioning to get a total body workout. Additionally, coming to the center to do body weight training allows people to have more room, so the exercise can be done in groups.

High intensity interval training

HIIT is proving to be an excellent way to meet health and weight goals. The heart rate elevation along with the intensity achieves maximum efficiency in workouts and feels fulfilling. Short bursts of intense workouts keep workouts high-energy and take the monotony out of cardiovascular training.


If you haven’t heard of Crossfit, then you’re missing out on a form of exercise sweeping the nation with passion for total body health. Crossfit focuses on HIIT to the extreme, and they combine body weight training with simple exercise equipment to sculpt their bodies.


Many people shy away from yoga because they don’t feel they are flexible, but yoga is for EVERYONE. Today’s Fitness offers yoga classes at every level, so beginner yogis can get comfortable on the mat. Yoga has many health benefits including improved circulation and flexibility. The benefits of yoga have changed many people’s lives, and Today’s Fitness considers it an essential part of their center.

Cardio Equipment

At Today’s Fitness, our priority is keeping customers supplied with as many options as possible to maintain their health, so we offer a wide array of cardiovascular equipment. Recumbent bicycles, treadmills, and ellipticals ¬†are available in multitude at the center, so you will have accessibility 24/7.


Like cardio equipment, weights are an important part of working out. We recommend cross training with a mix of cardio and weightlifting for optimal exercising potential. Today’s Fitness has free weights and weight machines to serve all levels of weight lifters.

All of the equipment at Today’s Fitness is modern, and it has been purchased brand new to give our patrons reliability and access to modern technology. All of the cardio equipment has smart features, so they can coincide with smart wearable technologies.

If you would like more information about memberships or have questions about the Today’s Fitness opening in the fall of 2017, please contact us here.